Alex and YeVonne

Though the weather wasn't quite perfect, Alex and YeVonne had an amazing wedding.  The two were wed at The Cedars, 1859 in Tanner, Al.  YeVonne is one of the most laid back and trusting brides that we have EVER had the pleasure of designing for!  She gave us a color family, told us that she loved texture and organic elements, and told us to run with it!  I have to say, it turned out pretty fabulous!!!

For the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids, we used tillandsia, white garden roses, explosion grass, scabiosa pods, privett berry, leucadendron, silver brunia, white peonies, silver eryngium, and fern.

The guys all wore very organic boutonnieres of tillandsia, scabiosa pods, preivett berry, and brunia

So remember that rain I was talking about????  Well, if you have the right photographer (like Ashley at The White Rabbit Studios) she can totally make that rain work to your advantage.  I mean, WOW!

Good looking group, right??

For the reception, we used much brighter colors and more varieties of pretty flowers!

Congratulations, Alex and YeVonne!  Thank you so much for letting Simpson's help with your wedding day!!

Thanks so much to Ashley with White Rabbit Studios for all of the fantastic photography!!

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