Haney Wedding

The Haney Wedding took place at a church in Tanner, Al. The bride's flowers consisted of apricot and blush mini calla lilies, cream coral and pale orange roses.

A rose decoration for the unity candle

Bridesmaid bouquet of crystal blush mini calla lilies

The alter was decorated with ferns, tulle, and satin bows at pew markers.

The baptistery garland of springerie, roses and mini calla lilies

Baptistery garland up close

Bridesmaid's bouquets and corsages

The reception was just down the hall in the church's banquet room. We used peach and cream roses, orange alstroemeria lilies, and curly willow branches.

We put a decorative garland of springerie, cream roses, and orange alstroemeria lilies around the base of the punch fountain.

This beautiful vase of flowers marked the entrance of the reception line

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