Holland Wedding

The Holland Wedding took place at the groom's parents beautiful home next to Cedar Ridge Golf Course. The bride just had one simple request: to make it beautiful, which was pretty easy to do! We used a variety of different flowers in the shades of pink, green, cream, and lavender.

The entrance of their home is where the guests would first see the bride. The front door was decorated with tulle and bows and lovely flower arrangements placed on large white pedestals.

In these arrangements, we used lots of springerie, pink and green gladiolus, pink enchantment lilies, cream and pink roses, pink snapdragons, and jade roses.

After walking out of the house, the bride continued down the walkway to the tent where the couple would be married. We decorated the tent with two large arrangements on the outside and three on the inside.

The alter had one pedestal in the center with two candelabras and two more pedestals symmetrically on either side.

The tent arrangements were created with lots of different greenery pink and purple larkspur, green mini hydrangeas, pink enchantment lilies, pink spray roses, green calla lilies, pink, jade and cream roses.

The reception took place across the grounds in the pool house and on the patio. After the ceremony, David and I moved the large arrangements from the altar to decorate around the pool. The arrangements around the pool are not pictured because it was too dark outside to show up.

This arrangement was in the pool house on top of the kitchens cabinets.

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