Tennessee State Show

The Tennessee State Florist Association always puts on a wonderful Christmas Show. By attending this show every year and networking with other florist from the South, we learn all kinds if new things. We stay on top of new trends, design techniques, floral products, and a multitude of other issues!

This tree, dangling with orchid leis, mark the entrance of the TSFA Presidential Awards Banquet. At the base of the tree, and along the hallway, these small arrangements and candles decorate the walkway to the entrance of the banquet.

In the design area, florists volunteer to put together some amazing centerpieces. These have a bamboo base with a "garland" of flowers, greenery, and grapevine scaling the bamboo.

These centerpieces are made of large hydrangeas, white carnations, white roses, green calla lilies, and curly willow branches.

This class, taught by Deborah de LaFlor, AIFD, was very interesting and informative. Here, she shows us a new style of bouquet that girls in her area (Florida) are carrying for prom, weddings, and flower girls

This is an interesting contemporary design using glittered cones, an oblong vase and a few fresh cut flowers and greenery.

This was one of my favorite wedding displays! This is actually 3 different vases that all stack on top of each other to give the appearance of one large vase. In each section of the vase, the designer created something a little different, but still looks great together!

This designer arched the calla lilies and banded them with silver wire. Because callas do not need a constant source of water to survive, this is a great look for special events.

Here is a boutonniere made of a mini calla that has been dressed up with a little armature wire.

Two new ideas for wrist corsages. The first is just made of a product called sisal and armature wire. The second has the same base as the first, but Deborah added of few flower petals and small blooms and caged them with bullion wire.

This is an interesting and artsy bridal bouquet. The bouquet is made of white callas and greenery, but the interesting part is that the bouquet has been designed in a holder of silver wire.

This set of pictures begins the TSFA Design Competition. All of the participants were given the same picture of an abstract painting a week ahead of time. Each contestant had to bring their own flowers and material to interpret that painting through flowers.

This is an arrangement of pink gladiolus, pink roses, and curly willow branches. This is the first picture in a set that shows how great pink and red flowers can look together in a wedding or other special event.

Here are a few Fall arrangements made with fresh, dried, and silk products.

This is an interesting design concept that taught us that the design about the vase should be just as important as the design inside the vase. This design was started by layering different products inside the vase. The designer then made and armature of steaks that he based the arrangement around. This was one of the most valuable things I learned at the show. I found the entire design very visually interesting and well balanced.

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